Dubya in Belgium

Just finished selecting a few sites for my Cartoonroll: this one is a good one to illustrate the dubious (now how does that ring another bell?) behaviour of Foreign Minister Louis Michel. No let me refrase that: he's the National Minister for Foreign Affairs.
Michel is portrayed as a UN (see VN, Verenigde Naties in Dutch) "Blue Helmet", referring to his earlier refusal -- amongst others ... -- to sell weapons to Nepal. (At this moment his socialist colleague Stevaert seems to rebut the selling of a few worn-down F-16 fighter jets, there would be no surprise in it if things would slide away in another endless discussion).
Anyway -- this is supposed to be a fun site -- the letters on LM's Helmet have been overwritten saying "FN": Fabrique Nationale d 'Armes de Guerre in the French-speaking part of Belgium. Michel, being a National Minister but also a Walloon, does not seem to mind putting a few ethical questions aside when it comes down to providing work to his voters. "Dubya" indeed ... .

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