Blogging initiations

Blogging really is a lot easier with the appropriate software, unlike updating a normal (?) webpage like "the other blog".

Maarten and Phil H have been doing a great job putting up the Skynetblogs service (French version here, Dutch here, as if there's not enough advertising on this site already!), but quite a few major functions are still missing or are malfunctioning. But yes, I do feel tempted to make this one the main blog instead of the Geocities mess. Mess? Well, I'm putting it together with Frontpage and apparently both the editors (Frontpage and the manual one from Yahoo) don't go too well together. For whatever reason, hyperlinks get mutilated once they are uploaded, and that is just half of the story. Time will tell I guess.

For those of you who are not too familiar with the Blogosphere, the Master Blogger has (again, I know) a few nice links to get you started:

HERE'S A NICE ARTICLE ON WEBLOGS from the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Here's another in The Bulletin, and here's one from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

And there's already a few updates where that came from. Go read!

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Gotcha! So you finally decided to jump on Skynet's blog bandwagon, I see. Welcome and may the Force be With You. You have to agree, this thing is easier to manage, than a website built from scratch. The Skynet developers did a great job, but of course some functionality is missing. I would appreciate the possibility of a direct links to the items.

And as Hitchcock said about good movies (3 things: a good story, a good storry, and a good story) - the same with blogs, 3 things: content, content, and content. No problem with your blog anway on that criterium.

Gepost door: VH | 28-08-03

Thanks VH!

Well, it's just another step, further into the Sphere, we'll see where it takes us.

" ... direct links to the items ... ": click the little squares in front of the title of each post. They really are little, yes ... .

Anyway, I noticed Maarten's back from the US, we should be able to pry a few things out of him (URL's in comments ... adaptabe templates ... trackback maybe ... no? Anyone?)

Gepost door: Flint | 29-08-03

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