Flying over my head, hanging upside-down

From Boca Raton, Florida (also known as a spammer's nest, and the geographical origin of quite a few other things too -- all from the same man -- but we digress):

This is the first kite video I ever made. I was at the beach filming my dog in the surf when suddenly I looked up and saw some dude flying over my head, hanging upside-down attached to a kite. I kept filming for an hour and when I got home and watched the video it BLEW MY MIND! I've been obsessed with filming the sport ever since. Starring Bill Kraft, Andy DeFilippis and Billy Blackmon.

Great site with lots of free kite movies. Added it to the blogroll on the right.

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Puhleez Maarten get this editing tool rolling! I seem to have a natural tendencie to mess up hyperlinks ): ......... .

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