Dean Esmay, Cox, Forkum, various animals

Dean Esmay interviews Cox & Forkum:

Q: A large number of self-described objectivists and libertarians firmly opposed the war in Iraq. Yet you have been generally supportive of the Bush administration's war policies. Why the disconnect, do you think?

FORKUM: The disconnect is that Objectivists aren't libertarians, not if they follow Ayn Rand's ideas consistently. She explicitly rejected libertarianism as anarchism years ago, and today it's even clearer why she did. Prominent libertarian organizations opposed the war with Iraq as meddlesome government intervention, as if all government action is inherently wrong.

Objectivism, however, holds that government is essential to a just society but must be limited to protecting individual rights. Such protection sometimes involves foreign intervention, such as waging wars against hostile enemies. If anything, it was a lack of intervention -- from the Iranian hostage crisis to the USS Cole bombing -- that emboldened the Islamist murderers of 9/11. Objectivists might disagree about military priorities, such as whether Iraq should have come before Iran, but none that I know were against war in principle. I recommend that people read the op-eds at the Ayn Rand Institute for more information.

Q: You seem to pick on Democrats more than Republicans. Why is that?

COX: I can't draw elephants.

He can, mind you, and donkeys too. Go read and see the article over on Capitalism Magazine, they have put the appropriate cartoons between the dialogue, which makes things ... well ... more clear ... as in cartoons.

Thanks to Andrew Medworth for the pointer by the way. Check out his blog, it looks very interesting to me. And he beat me to it because I wanted to link to Mark Steyn also -- see Andrew's previous post -- dammit ... .

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Let your profits run !!!!!!!!!! ... !!!! ... !

Fancy buying some stock? Added this site to blogshares.com -- see the spiffy button at the bottom on the left.

Just realised I don't know anything about stock markets though, that's why I put a screaming ad above the button, "Hey this blog is still cheap, it's not even available to trade yet ... oops ... ."

You mark my words, I may hardly be able to buy a fr**ging share at the moment -- see my huuuuuuuge portfolio -- things will improve in Q4 of this year! (What with winter and all ... summer over ... cold outside ... )

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Flying over my head, hanging upside-down

From Boca Raton, Florida (also known as a spammer's nest, and the geographical origin of quite a few other things too -- all from the same man -- but we digress):

This is the first kite video I ever made. I was at the beach filming my dog in the surf when suddenly I looked up and saw some dude flying over my head, hanging upside-down attached to a kite. I kept filming for an hour and when I got home and watched the video it BLEW MY MIND! I've been obsessed with filming the sport ever since. Starring Bill Kraft, Andy DeFilippis and Billy Blackmon.

Great site with lots of free kite movies. Added it to the blogroll on the right.

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Honk when you see Mars

In Belgium, Mars will be visible throughout the whole of Thursday night.

Allways a good reason for an
outdoor picknick, as the pic on the left illustrates.

UPDATE: I applied some frivolity to this post , I just discovered the picture was taken at a Viewing Party.
In L.A., yes ... . Others were at it too.

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Welcome home LT Smash

Welcome home LT Smash
, and a big "Thank you Sir!" from Flanders !

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Blogging initiations

Blogging really is a lot easier with the appropriate software, unlike updating a normal (?) webpage like "the other blog".

Maarten and Phil H have been doing a great job putting up the Skynetblogs service (French version here, Dutch here, as if there's not enough advertising on this site already!), but quite a few major functions are still missing or are malfunctioning. But yes, I do feel tempted to make this one the main blog instead of the Geocities mess. Mess? Well, I'm putting it together with Frontpage and apparently both the editors (Frontpage and the manual one from Yahoo) don't go too well together. For whatever reason, hyperlinks get mutilated once they are uploaded, and that is just half of the story. Time will tell I guess.

For those of you who are not too familiar with the Blogosphere, the Master Blogger has (again, I know) a few nice links to get you started:

HERE'S A NICE ARTICLE ON WEBLOGS from the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Here's another in The Bulletin, and here's one from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

And there's already a few updates where that came from. Go read!

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Ganz grade auß yah!

Whilst looking at the beatiful pictures of "The Spray", I noticed they have a link to Babelfish and tried some myself, only the fish started to get quite freaky when I translated a previous post of mine (see "On a roll", permalinks don't work well yet):

Hmmm, beginne ich zu wie ihm hier. Schaut nettes huh? Gießt jemand den Code in etwas wie Dreamweaver oder so? Ich scheine, mich an das sprechende Fiedeln der Leute mit dem CSS-code zu erinnern.... OH-, hinsichtlich meines anderen blog -- jemand kam wirklich unten dort, zu erlernen wie "erhalten um geocities Bandbreite". Brunnen nicht fragen mich daß, aber falls die Yahoo-Leute mich nicht mehr mögen, ich ruhiges hergekommen kann. Hey, sogar hat das Insta ein Unterstützungswerkzeug... .

In French I even played some violin, no kidding! Go here to have some fun yourself and of course I cannot forget Lileks who suffered a headache from reading these things: "I fainted once, and hit my head on the desk; ten aspirin couldn’t betaeuben the ache."

Here's the article Lileks is having fun with -- "How zuegelloser can the Information Minister get when it comes to fantasien about the Besatzers?"-- hilarious !!!

Have a great weekend!

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Birth of a sailboat

One of the best sites I've seen ever when it comes down to sailboatconstruction: good luck to "The Spray" !!!

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Belgian Flash-Mobbing ...

... in Brussels: Saturday 6th of September.

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Dubya in Belgium

Just finished selecting a few sites for my Cartoonroll: this one is a good one to illustrate the dubious (now how does that ring another bell?) behaviour of Foreign Minister Louis Michel. No let me refrase that: he's the National Minister for Foreign Affairs.
Michel is portrayed as a UN (see VN, Verenigde Naties in Dutch) "Blue Helmet", referring to his earlier refusal -- amongst others ... -- to sell weapons to Nepal. (At this moment his socialist colleague Stevaert seems to rebut the selling of a few worn-down F-16 fighter jets, there would be no surprise in it if things would slide away in another endless discussion).
Anyway -- this is supposed to be a fun site -- the letters on LM's Helmet have been overwritten saying "FN": Fabrique Nationale d 'Armes de Guerre in the French-speaking part of Belgium. Michel, being a National Minister but also a Walloon, does not seem to mind putting a few ethical questions aside when it comes down to providing work to his voters. "Dubya" indeed ... .

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I see ... I see ... the A-Team, the A-Team ...

If anyone can tell me what the font is called for the titles -- in the columns, not the ones above the posts -- don't hesitate to put it in the comments, I have put the same question forward on the Skynetblog forum as well.
By the way, permalinks can be found behind the little yellow squares with the dot in the middle (Are they yellow? Is there a dot? My eyes! My eyes!).

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The horror and the antidote

This should in fact be on the "more boring blog", but it's related to the chopped-up text under the title of this blog (see "Main purpose ...").
For those of you who are "shocked" (well oolahdiedah!) when reading that,  check this out, then think again.
(Lileks is one of my "daily reads", I'll blogroll his Bleat here as soon as possible. Enjoy the sun!)


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On a roll ... sun's up and shining in Flanders!

Hmmm, I'm starting to like it here. Looks nice huh? Does anyone pour the code into something like Dreamweaver or such? I seem to remember people talking about fiddling with the CSS-code ... .
Oh, concerning my other blog -- someone actually came down there to learn how to "get around geocities bandwidth". Well don't ask me, but in case the Yahoo-people don't like me anymore, I can still come here.
Hey, even the Insta has a back-up tool ...  .

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Does it work?

Groter, groter ... ?

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Hello and dag et bonjour à iedereen!


First post - again ... - on a new blog, always a bit exciting! This one is for the fun bits,the other one is meant to annoy people with my thoughts on Belgian and international politics.

Now let's see how this comes out ... .

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