Al Jiz relaunch, plus other stories

I don' t really have a way to put everything I want to say in a nice and clean story, so here's where the "short-paragraphs-next-to-little-stars-mode" comes in:

* Arab news channel Al Jazeera's English website  is back online. Hope it stays there a little bit longer than last time. CNET has a good article for more details.

* Personally, I am going offline, well partially anyway. I started this site to taste the virtues of automated blogging and it hasn't been a bad experience. The "other, more boring blog" has thus -- I'll keep it online though -- met his master.

* Contrary to what Undymedia may think, the Americans are not thát bad after all:

... (2003-08-25) -- The United States will send 22 million troops to Iraq this year to ensure the safety of every Iraqi and every structure in the country.

... The spokesman acknowledged that military recruiting would have to "increase substantially" to provide such a force, but in the meantime Manpower Inc. would provide temp workers to fill most of the positions.

The right hono(u)rable gentleman who brought us this very warming news has blogrolled me! (Sorry, I didn't want to brag or anything, just couldn't resist ...)

* Someone was willing to spend $2,398.55 to take over 313 of my shares, restructuring my facilities, I s**t you not. He did this by exercising his right to use a U.N. Resolution. All advice, or more uhm ... concrete, hard cash ... investments, is, are ... welcome.

* More on money-matters: there are 5,274,344,473 people poorer than me. Think you're poorer? Odds are indeed that you're not. Now that's a nice one to go to bed with isn't it? Sweet dreams!

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AJ Bedankt voor de Al Jazeera link.

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Graag gedaan!!!

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