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Well, it'll be two years since already, I'm writing this while watching a BBC documentary about the discussion last year on the rebuilding.

Besides the pictures of Michele at A Small Victory, there will be a lot of bloggers continuing their focus on 9/11 this week, Starhawk over at Freedom Lives is doing a great job I think, now and then he's posting pictures of his visit to Ground Zero in May.

Shell links to someone over at Little Green Footballs who has both lived through Pearl Harbor ánd the attacks of 9/11, interesting read.

Let's not forget about the third and the fourth plane that went down: here's  where you can find the people of Shanksville remembering the 40 victims that died in their town. The picture shows "40 angels":

And then suddenly, someone comes up with what is probably the only video capturing both planes. I mean, how can you? Showing them off in pubs or something?

The tape was shot by a Czech immigrant construction worker, whose young son at one point came close to accidentally erasing it.

While hundreds of people have been working on investigating these things for about two years? "Relax, have a beer, I've got this great video I shot while on vacation?"

A friend of Hlava's wife obtained a copy of the tape and traded it to pay off a bar tab. Another woman learned of that copy and informed Karling, who took the tape to the Times.

The Times and ABC both said they did not pay for the tape. Karling refused to comment.

I would too if I were in his shoes. Here's where you can find the NYT's coverage of the story, requires (free) subscription. Astonish yourself.

UPDATE: LGF has put up an extra thread -- where people are also asking questions on the surfacing of the video. Don't you wonder how many are still around? Or even worse, sold?!?

If you don't want to subscribe to the NYT, use "f r e e n y t" twice, without the spaces (id and password), thanks for the reminder reaganite!

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