The why and the how

We are barely in the first day of this week in September, but I have already met myself a few times when someone pointed me to this audiovisual file. I remembered it from seeing it before tens of times, but it still catches you when looking at it. Go here if you don't get through, I suspect the site will be down more than once this week but they have numerous mirrors.

The September 11th Collection is there as well for thumbnails and audiovisual stuff -- requires RealPlayer and/or Quicktime, if, again, their server is willing -- but they have a chronology in HTML (faster connection!) as well of the days after that sunny Tuesday morning.

On the happenings (...) in Iraq, Sparkey linked to a great site full of pictures, taken by US Marines there. If you're wondering how luxurious the men and women over there are living it, caption this (link goes to bigger picture):

But then again, I guess they know why they're getting pushed through this dirt, and we owe them gratitude.

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