Allah's small street gang

Via Francis Devriendt, a lawyer in Belgium with a nose for things, a few excerpts from Paul Berman's "Terror and Liberalism" in The American Prospect:

Yet nearly everyone seems to grasp intuitively that if the anti-American terrorists were to get their hands on a nuclear bomb, they would use it at once, and may perfectly well be planning such a thing even now.


How reassuring that would be--to learn that our enemy has the dimensions of a small street gang! It may even be true that, at least in regard to the attacks of September 11, only a few dozen people were involved. But that would be like saying that Pearl Harbor was attacked by merely a few hundred Japanese pilots.


But we are facing a substantial and well-organized enemy. Our enemy is the combat wing of radical and Islamist movements that are genuinely enormous. 


The solution, in short, lies in effecting enormous changes in large parts of the political culture of the Arab and Islamic world--the sort of transformation that can be achieved, if at all, only after many years or even decades of struggle, and not through any single decisive strike.

It's a six pages long text, but it's very to the point and worth the read.

Thanks much to Howard's Musings for putting up part of a previous article on Slate about the writer (titled "Bush is an idiot, but he was right about Saddam" ... probably a good advertising policy by the people of Slate ... ).

ADDITIONAL: more Belgian Bloggers showing their feelings towards 9/11.
This one from LVB got me by the throat. Notice the timing of the post. The title says "In Memoriam - without words" ... .

ADDITIONAL2: there will be one post on Thursday, no more, no less. I was planning to post it at the same time that the first airplane flew into the World Trade Center, but I'm not taking the risk of this service being down like it was today, so I'm putting it up now.

All my support goes out to the people concerned, be it directly or indirectly.

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