Not too many new stuff to see here the last couple of days was there? I'll try to make up for it as the week goes along. If this Belgium bloggingservice lets me that is, I hope you people didn't have to wait too long to download these pages. Apparently Skynet (see the teenie weenie ad on the top left corner) is going up the same road as Blogger and Blogspot: too much succes on a too short note, resulting in servers being unreachable or other things just getting screwed up. Be prepared to change your bookmarks in due time, this is a state-funded service, no chance for Google to buy this kind of Govzilla.

Thanks again to Michele Catalano who was kind enough to let me use the picture of the last standing girder at Ground Zero. Unbelievable how she managed to hold on while reading all the stories sent in for the Voices Project. If you want to send in your story, please don't hesitate, I'm sure she'll know what to do with it. Click on the Voices logo -- on the top right, it'll stay there for quite a while -- to go there.

I found this years' September 11th to be quite different from what I thought it was going to be. It was different, but not less intense, on the contrary. It wasn't easy to write the text for Voices either, I felt torn back to those days and emotions.
I thought I had read and seen everything about the September Atrocity, until the Blogosphere started tuning in.
Eric's discussion about the Insta putting up the picture of The Falling Man showed me that the memories of that day are and will be for a long time to come, engraved in our memories.
Personally I didn't mind at all seeing the picture, on the contrary, but please feel free to form an opinion yourself, after reading the photographer's thoughts on it that is (subscription free and worth it, or go here, here or here for an hour worth of reading).

ADDITIONAL: (25th September 2003): regarding Michele's pic of the girder, I forgot that the last standing girder was driven away on a lorry, in a ceremony last year. Snopes has more info.

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Government? Skynet is not government owned! We have to make a profit! Or else we will have to ask for more money from Belgacom ;-) Belgacom is also largely privately held, BTW. True, the government is a big shareholder and takes away loads of the profits in order to dump them in the bottomless pit of the railways, but still...

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[quoting myself] "this is a state-funded service", where did I say it was government owned?

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