Olympic Games 2016 turn into Flemish Lighthouse

TV-evening today: BBC2 is going to air a historical movie about The Bell Rock Lighthouse, named one of Seven Wonders of the Industrial Age:

The Deadly Bell Rock Reef had terrorised seamen for centuries. Eleven miles out to sea off the East Coast of Scotland, it was the scene of countless shipwrecks - in one night alone in 1799, seventy ships went down. But taming these wild northern seas with their mountainous waves was considered so dangerous that no one believed it was possible to build a lighthouse on Bell Rock. Then in 1800, one young pioneer, Robert Stevenson, claimed it could be done.

See, water and wind and maybe even some romanticism: you know where you can find me tonight.

Maybe I'll tell you something more tomorrow about Flanders organising the Olympic Games. Huh? Yes, you read well, not Belgium, not the Walloons, but the Flemish are talking about organising the 2016 Olympic Games.

Heheh, eat that!

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unsurprisingly... The National Propaganda Outlet (TV) showed all kinds of "Flemings" who commented that this was impossible/too expensive/ Flanders too small for this, Brussels the "only possible" location anyway, while at the same time showing pictures of the 1920 olympics in Antwerp. Go figure.

If you ask me, Ghent would be an ideal location. There's a 30' direct train service from Brussels to Ghent, so all this "not enough hotel accomodation" and "no major airport" sounds suspiciously bogus to me.

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