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As Dog Of Flanders pointed out in the comments to the previous post, more than one weasel jumped out of his chair after hearing the news about Flanders thinking about organising the 2016 Olympic Games. Everyone wants a piece of the cake.

On the other hand, it's quite normal if you come up with this kind of needle that sticks in the other half of the country's eye (not to mention Brussels). Remember the playground? "If you're steeling from me, I'm gonna play alone and build my own sandcastle! Na-nana-naa-naah!"

Oh well, two weeks from now and you won't be hearing a thing anymore. Bart Somers' -- the Flemish minister that started it all off -- popularity rate goes up, he got to be in the news, and the Walloons received another warning to be carefull on how to keep demanding for Flemish money to be pumped in the South.

In another era, when Belgium was still a harmoniously coherent country, things would probably have been easier, like in 1920 for instance. That's right, this little country already organised the games once in Antwerp.

So why not do it again? Belgium Prime-Minister Guy Verhofstadt is planning on spending money in public infrastructure (is this going to be Belgium's New Deal?), so why not do it combined with the Games, ánd let the Walloons have a piece of the cake, they're going to enjoy the spinn-offs anyway. If they want in, let them do their part of the job, and two heads make more ideas.

Again, as we're used in Belgium, we will see. 2016 is a long time from now.

The evening is not, to my surprise, as far anymore and the tide is coming in. I'm organising my own Olympic Games and taking the kite out. Now there's a highflyer that goes up.

Have a fun weekend yourselves!

UPDATE: Tuesday 23rd September 2003: in a reaction to the Flemish idea thrown before their feet, now Brussels is going to propose itself to the Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Comittee (BOIC). On condition that the rest of Belgium is going to chip in mind you. Well, if others are going to pay your festivities, there's no need to do an expensive study to see how realistic the project would be, is there? Expect some more communautarian fireworks.

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Flanders Olympics 2016 Point n'est besoin d'espérer pour entreprendre, ni de réussir pour persévérer (William of Orange). The NASA sucks big money, and all that the moon expeditions yielded was a few kgs of stone. Or didn't they? Flanders has deep pockets, why not spend some coins (well... bucks) on something more uplifting than keeping an obsolete railway system. Fly with the eagles?

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