Belgium: orange juice found, threat level hightened

Belgian quagmire in Hove today, a village close to Antwerp: a suitcase was found, tied to a tree by means of a large metal chain. Local police feared the device to contain explosive material, placed there by terrorists.

DOVO, the military service that is responsable for the cleanup of explosives mostly found on the beach or in other places that have seen a lot of military activity in WW I and II, was immediately called up to come and dismantle the stained black office case.

Even before this internationally known group of highly specialized soldiers was at the location, a few youngsters hasted themselves to inform the authorities that there was nothing to fear.
To everyone's surprise, members of a scoutinggroup had played a game wherein the suitcase played the role of "object to be found", only to be forgotten after the children returned home.

Police and detectives found the suitcase to contain a carton of -- to their regret -- low-priced orange juice.

The scoutinggroup has apologized, leaving neighbours with something to talk about at work on Monday morning. After all, Belgium is not a country where one should be concerned about possible terrorism.

[Note: yes, I know this has all the looks of a Scrappleface story, but that's what really happened. Remember, this country produces comicbooks, ánd surrealism. Be sure to check out Scrappleface's latest news about the launching of SMART-1 though, flying around the moon ... look! ... Now it's gone. ... Look! ... Now it's gone ... . Look! ... ]

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