No cat, one cactus, in good health

Life has taken me through a few whirlwinds, hence the three-week hiatus in blogging. You know that feeling when all kinds of things happen around you, at work, in relationships, between family members, without any possible amount of control from your side? That's what happened, and all at once too. I'm not going to bother you with details, there are enough other blogs describing the weekly measured length of the cactus on the balcony or the cat that jumped from or on it.

In case this lengthy absence happens again: make life easier on yourself. If you hadn't noticed, there's an RSS feed on this website. Programs called RSS feed readers or news aggregators can pick up this feed and notify you whenever there's a new article being posted on your f(F)avourite website. Personally I use Awasu: basic service is free and it does what I want it to do, and even more. I don't know how other programs work, but here's where you can find some more free ones for Windows. Saves you a lot of time because there's no need anymore to surf from one site to the other just to notice they haven't written anything new.

And time I can use! I hardly know about anything that has happened in Belgium these past weeks. Ah well, there's always The Neighbourhood (on the left) where I can catch up on all sorts of Belgian quagmires, and the ones beneath them aren't doing a bad job either.

Speaking of which, thanks much to Former Belgian and Colby Cosh for linking to these pages! Go read them!

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