An old man with a gu ... sleepingproblems.

Quote of the week, on Belgian TV-channel VTM:

"The average age of the Belgian soldier is about ten years more as compared to an American soldier."

Signed: Willy Herteleer (one wonders if that's his friend in front of him here, standing first from left), former Chief of Staff of the Belgian (a)(A)rmy.

The answer was given in a very fast response to the question as to what Belgium might do to help rebuild Iraq. 

Herteleer is also remembered as the first army boss in history to openly admit "not to be able to motivate" his warriors into fighting a war in Iraq.

With an army like this, who needs enemies ... .

[Note to self: do not make a habbit of thinking about national defense before going to bed]

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slogan could make a pretty nice slogan: "Join the belgian army, you'll live longer!"

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