Journalism in Belgium, the sequel

Over at Live From Brussels, Maarten Schenk has gotten into a discussion  with Belgian newspaper Gazet Van Antwerpen. Basically he's contesting them using the term "end of war" falsely: Bush never said "the war was over", he said "major combat operations were over".

Let's hope they listen to what Maarten is saying, but viewing this I'm inclined to think they're either deaf or bad in maths:

... Results of a public inquiry indicate that a majority of the Americans (51 percent) disapprove of Bush's policy on Iraq. The inquiry was done on demand of ABC and The Washington Post.

[Translation and italics mine, the original article is here]

Why not say it was a huuuge majority, like in "huuuge European efforts to help Iraq", or "huuuge efforts in Belgium to keep news fair and balanced"? More on that last bit later ... well maybe, I'm starting to rant already.

Feel free --or in case you're a Belgian, do not, seeing we're living in a society with parallels to the former Soviet Union-- to write a rant yourself to the paper: here's the page where you can find their contacts, I suggest you use this e-mailaddress, that's the one for the Belgian news, just to pull their legs, heheh ... . Or better yet, where it says "Informatie redactie GVA", there are a whole lot of them grouped together, use them all! Should keep them busy for the second half of the week. If you want to do it politely, use this one.

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