No, this is not a drawing made by a bored teenager with a lot of aggressive energy in his body. Yes, it's a piece of art made by the so-called "20th hijacker", Zacarias Moussaoui. On the second page of this two-page "document", there's a line that says

After All ANTRAX can be used to ERADICATE Wicked Anglo Satan Parasites.

[I have the distinct impression Moussaoui gets a lot of his inspiration from movies ("Natural Born Liars") or TV ("Criminal Nasty Network"), and the above collection of words also translates to "WASP", on which I cannot really put my finger, but I'm almost certain it has something to do with the L.A. Police Departement.]

Thank you, Eugene over at The Volokh Conspiracy to show me where I can find creations like this one.

Browse around in these documents and form yourself an opinion on the culpability of this smart-*ss who's trying to defend himself while making the world turn a little slower just by trying alone; my stomach's already tied in knots just by looking at all of this. Go here to find more of the same stuff.

Additional: this one's where I got my title. I'd love to see a psychological profile of some sort on this man.

Additional2: (see comments) WASP = White Anglo-Saxan Protestants, thanks DoF, it just didn't fall into place. A Google for 'wasp' also pointed to things like 'Wind Atlas Analysis and Application Program' ... stupid me ... .

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use the google, flex! WASP: white anglo-saxon protestant.

Gepost door: dof | 13-11-03

Must've had Samuel L. Jackson in my mind:


Thanks again DoF!

Gepost door: Flint | 17-11-03

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