London protestors, hear this ... .

ISTANBUL, Turkey (CNN) -- At least 25 people were killed and 390 others injured after at least two explosions rocked Istanbul, CNN Turk quoted local officials as saying.


Q: Does this prove the terrorism we're up against is international?
A: I should think so!

Q: Is there any chance attacks like the ones President Bush talked about in his speach yesterday will occur in Europe, like London for instance?
A: There's no doubt about it!

Q: Does this mean any country that does not fall within the grace of the terrorists is a candidate for carnage?
A: That seems to be the point the demonstrators in London are missing, yes!

Q: If the bombers of the Istanbul synagogues appear to have bombed their own people, does this say anything about the historical mistake Europe made not to participate in the War Against Terror?
A: Well of course!

Q: What does it say about this stupidity?
A: It says the global terrorism we know today is everywhere, without being hindered by bounderies or nationalities! It says the World should fight terrorism, not the Nations Of The Willing alone!


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