Willy Claes: we're dangling on the tail

Willy Claes, former Secretary General of NATO, in Canvas's news program tonight, on different subjects:

On terrorism and intelligence in Belgium:

"We're behaving ourselves like little amateurs."

"Belgian Security Services are simply understaffed."

"Do you seriously think we know anything about what goes on in Belgian mosques?"

"We're just dangling on the tail."

On Europe or, more in particular, Belgium's overall attitude towards things:

"There's no doubt about it that there are still, in Washington and London, people who want to bring things into account. This is not forgotten, and consequences will be presented to us."

"What is the exact attitude of Europe towards Iraq in fact? There are as much opinions as there are states. We [Europe] should hurry to come forward with a common policy towards Iraq. We're losing all credibility."

"A small country like ours shouldn't go around with a pointing finger, one has to know where to stop. If there's one thing we can do, it's building bridges between memberstates [in view of a common policy].

Too bad he's retired.

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