UN: "4000 arrested, disappointing result"

UN urges more action on al-Qaeda:

"Many of al-Qaeda's sources of funding have not yet been uncovered or blocked," the report said. 
"Al-Qaeda continues to have access to funds through charities, deep-pocket donors and from business and criminal activities, including the drug trade."
Michael Chandler, who chairs the UN monitoring group, said he did not think a biological attack was necessarily imminent. But he told the BBC's World Today programme the signs were there that al-Qaeda wanted to use such tactics. 
"It is probably the fact that they are looking for some technical means of dispersion rather than actually the stuff itself," he said. "The ingredients are available if they want to get hold of them."

Go here for the UN News Centre's pressrelease:

Mr. Muñoz said about 4,000 people worldwide have been arrested in connection with Al-Qaida or the Taliban - "clearly a disappointing result."

Hmm, the UN finally wakes up ... . These kind of messages always make me recall the documentary images of nuclear waste being cleaned up in Georgia: there were about eight (can't remember the exact amount) radio-active batteries (used to power antennas of some sort) missing when finally the IAEA (remember them?) started to search for them.

Actually it turned out to make some hilarious squetches: three or four people just put the glowing containers in protective shells, using a large stick. A fifth person counted the seconds and blew a whistle when time was up: Geigercounters, communist style ... .

After some more research, a local was found who had already burnt virtually all of his skin, just because he ate his sandwiches next to Al Qaeda's favourite toy. Yet another admitted he had found a nuclear battery too. When asked what he had done with it, he smiled and said "I shot it in the air, I melted bullets from the thing!" ... .

Imagine what can happen when someone less friendly finds this stuff. Creepy.

[I don't have the time just now to look into it, but I seem to remember the boss of a muslim terrorgroup --was it the one that was responsible for the hostage-taking in the concertbuilding in Moscow?-- actually delivered such a device as described above to some journalists.]

Update: here's a good article to start with if you want more details on the above stories, and I think this might be interesting as well (link goes to Google's HTML-file, the pdf-version requires subscription). Evening reads.

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