A piece of three pies

Welcome to the readers of Institut Hayek Institute, and a big thank you to the authors of IHI for linking to these pages. Much appreciated!

For those of you who do not yet know the site of IHI, they were, with some help of other people, the ones that put up a petition demanding an effort of our ministers to keep NATO in Brussels. Later on, Belgium changed its Universal Competence Law, but it's far from certain that NATO will remain in Belgium. [Note: some pages in French in this paragraph, Google Language Tools can be helpful, if not funny.]

There's Poland, which would receive NATO with open arms (not to speak of other states in Eastern Europe), and there are the ideas to form a European Defense Force.

If Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Germany want to help rebuild a country, after having left other countries to die for it, ánd keep NATO in, ánd have a possible HQ for a huuuuge European DoD on their territory, Claes was indeed right to put up his finger and notice some anomalies. Born in a very friendly and welcoming province (Limburg) in Flanders, he probably just stayed polite.

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