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OK, the beard wasn't false, I admit (someone must have spinned me).

The funny stuff: here, here and here.

The strange stuff: Reuters and Al-Jiz use the same headline. Aaahh, those media (?!?) boys and girls ... .

The serious stuff, with lots of links, updates and extras: the Insta of course, and The Command Post. The Truth Laid Bear also has a collection of Weblog Reactions up. Also: Stryker and the others, and don't forget their Iraq page. James Taranto's page is full of content too.

In Belgium: interesting article on IHI by Claude Moniquet, on the possible changes this day may bring forth. (Claude Moniquet is the President of ESISC, the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center, I'm looking forward to the launching of their website. And no, I do not link to IHI because they linked to me a few days ago, I just couldn't let this one pass.)

Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt gave a short press conference ("... as to transfer authority to the Iraqis, within a multilateral, UN-based form. We will also continue and intensify our support to Iraq, working together with a number of NGO's ...". Blablabla ... . Anyone have a pointer to this huuuge support?)
Minister of Foreign Affairs Louis Michel "didn't see" a trial of Saddam before a The Hague Court very well possible, and said he prefered it to be in Bagdad. Let's see if he sticks to that idea, he appeared very low profile to me.

Maarten Schenk tells you a little more about Indymedia Belgium here: allow me to say they're nothing but ignorant censorers. You have to use CTRL + A to view their blacked-out posts. That's about the badest reaction I could find in Belgium, except for the weatherguy who started with something like "the weather had a long beard today, but we shaved it", and he's just a very friendly joker and it really wás very rainy today.

Even State Television kept things calm and "objective", at least compared to their usual behaviour. Well, of course there where the, by now expected, remarks on our dear own Pravda Brussels (state radio & television services):

"Is that possible, a DNA investigation in two hours time?", while not yet realizing Saddam was already in custody for about two thirds of a day.
And the infamous "It apparently is the real one!" was also heard more than once, while CNN, BBC and other moguls had already passed that stadium aeons ago by that time. Hmmm, the Coalition Of The Pissy indeed.

I'll keep an eye on them for you, and buy a bunch of newspapers tomorrow. At your service!

One more time before I go to bed ... hmmm ... .

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