Hey look, a terrorist!

Should have blogged this ages ago, but the capture of The Lion Of Iraq came in between things:

It will be recalled that in May 2002, Israel agreed to deport 13 of the most heavily-wanted terrorists hiding out in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. Twenty-six others were sent to Gaza. The 13, responsible for the murder of many Israelis, were distributed among several European countries, with the understanding that they would remain there between three and six years, unless a PLO state is established first, in which case they would be permitted to enter it. One of the 13 was Halil Al-Nawara, whom the Belgians agreed to host and even provide with a monthly stipend. This week Al-Nawara was arrested by local police for his part in a series of armed robberies of banks and post offices.

You will notice that I got this from an Israeli newspaper, Belgian media does not consider this to be important enough. DoF and Rantburg have more.

Belgium gets visited regularly by Bin Laden's friends and is now hosting them as well. We seem to have forgotten too quickly that the murderers of Massoud were both carrying Belgian passports.

Enter Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt (on TV this weekend):

"Blix's opinion appears to be right, indeed, there don't seem to be any WMD's. This [war] was supposed to be about WMD's"

"We did what we had to do [after 9/11], we exposed the terrorist network in Belgium, we catched Trabelsi, we had him followed, the trial is taking place."

Not a word about Khalil Mouhammad Abdallah al-Nawawreh. If this sort of news goes lost unseen, Europe deserves terrorism.

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