Saudi Arabia: "unfortunate baseless reports"

Arab News:

“A Saudi security official said that a report by The Mail on Sunday quoting a British politician as saying that Saudi authorities arrested two suicide pilots who were planning to fly two small planes into a packed British Airways plane is not true,” the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Are the Saudi's starting to hide things as well? Or are things getting out of control in The House Of Saud?

Okay, some British newspapers aren't really known for their outstanding correctness, but this one came from Paul Mercer, someone with a serious background ánd an Opposition Member in the UK's Conservative Homeland Security branch. It's men like these who have connections to "unimpeachable" sources.

One more fact for history's waste-basket?

Update: (via The Insta): The Age says Mercer claimed ...

..., according to the same source, that the Saudi authorities tried to cover up the incident near King Khalid International Airport and withheld information from authorities abroad.


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Smells fishy What kind of small plane would that be? Can't be a cessna or something similar, they're simply not fast enough. The only thing small and fast enough is something like a learjet. These are usually private planes and therefore not on standby. Besides, it's one thing to fly a plane into a building it's another thing to hit an object moving at speeds of 500 km/h and more.

Gepost door: Schwerdfish | 29-12-03

Re: Smells fishy If there are plans to hit an airplane, would it be necessary to hit it while it's in the air?

All I know is that terrorists don't need that much: something to blow themselves and other people to pieces, possibly accompanied with an exotic substance. The use of these substances doesn't even require explosives.

Gepost door: Flint | 29-12-03

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