Egypt: wreckage spotted in Red Sea


An Egyptian charter plane with about 141 passengers and crew has crashed after disappearing from radar screens, according to airport officials.

Interesting fact:

A UK Government spokesman told the BBC that the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, was safe and well. He has been on a family holiday in the Sharm -el -Sheikh area since before Christmas.

Looking at the latest week in relation to terror threats and airplanes being grounded, we seem to enter a rather heated start of the New Year.

If the Europeans would finally decide to help out in the War Against Islamofascism in 2004, the analogy with World War II wouldn't be that farfetched ... .

Additional: from the reader's comments on the BBC-article:

... although there have been occasional issues with Boeing aircraft in the past, it is a bit early to rule out a terrorist attack at this stage. It will be some months if not years before we can be sure of this and I hope the Egyptian Civil Aviation Safety Agency takes advantage of international assistance in its investigation.
[Name omitted]

Those are exactly my thoughts. On top of this, I'm not inclined to take France's, nor Egypt's word for it as the news trickles in.

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