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Yesterday there was this:

According to scientists, the picture reaches back to the Universe's "Dark Ages", before the first stars formed. 

But those not privileged to see the image as it is processed at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, US, will have to wait until February to see the image in what will certainly be one of the scientific highlights of the decade.

I was looking forward to it, so today, this came as a little shock:

Nasa is halting all space shuttle missions to service the Hubble Space Telescope - a move that will put it out of action within four years.

It shouldn't have come as a shock though, because (in the same article):

The shuttle is also gradually being wound down, and virtually all remaining flights until it goes out of service in 2010 will be used to complete the International Space Station.

Aw. We have a saying for this: "choose or share" ... .

More on space: if you want to know more about the do's and do-not's of the new space policies, Rand Simberg has --again-- a very interesting post up in which he explains how things should be viewed, without losing touch with reality:

It's [the Crew Exploration Vehicle or CEV. -- ed.] a supersized Apollo capsule. We have an existence proof that we know how to build them. It will be easier now than it was forty years ago, honest. If we need a separate lander to get down to the lunar surface, we know how to build those, too. It's even possible to develop things in parallel, though I suspect that only the capsule will be required for the 2008 date, so they have something to replace the Shuttle capability for crew transfer in 2010.

Stuff to read.

Related links: I know it's old news, but due to rather busy weeks I try to catch up on things in the weekend, so if you haven't read,  heard or viewed Bush's announcements, I think you should. It's history.

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