That's when Greenpeace started to care for the humpbacks

Sunday afternoon, television time. Guess where these lines come from:

Q: "Are you sure you won't change your mind?"
A: "Is there something wrong with the one I have?"

After which the meaning of some 20th century profane expressions are misunderstood by a 23rd century alien with pointy ears, resulting in the fact that "The hell I did!" means "Yes!", and "The hell I didn't!" is also interpreted affirmatively.

The story intensifies because all the time, a 400 Ton cargo consisting of two whales (one pregnant!), together with a rather large amount of their natural environment, needs to be transported 2 centuries further in order to make the mammals communicate with a piece of rock that is floating above Earth and sucking its natural resources away. The whole logistical effort needs to be performed at tremendous speeds, yet still demanding minimum energy levels.

Are you warped yet? I was, long time a movie made me laugh like that.

Ok, in order to minimise the risk of being fisked by some passer-by ST-IV disciples, I am a Star Trek virgin. By the time they aired the series 18 years ago, mom always used to call us into the kitchen for evening dinner.

I did suffer from low (or long, depending on your point of view) attention spans however, once Counselor Troi came in ...

Link goes to a site where you can find a bigger picture. Out.

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