"With an army like this ... " -- the sequel

I am still alive, yes: (too) hard at work and blogging from the same place where I do just that --I just try to eat a little faster. I promise you some new posts this evening, really.

Meanwhile, although I'm sure you've heard the news already, I'm happy to bring you the Clown of Belgian Ministers: André Flahaut, whom I have to thank for the Silly Quote Of The Week on top of this blog:

If I was an American, I'd vote for the Democrats!

Uhu. Not that it's in his job description to reveil this kind of blabber. This one was even better:

The Americans throw so much money at their army that it simply can no longer act efficiently. If they have to get fifteen men from point A to point B, they will use three planes to be certain that it succeeds. We would send one plane, or even better: first examine if we cannot fly along with an ally''

In light of a previous post on the average age of the Belgian soldier I wrote here, I'm sure he's right. Again, with an army like this ... .

The links to all of this will soon be here, got to go now, see you soon!


Sorry people, no new post anymore, I just woke up from falling asleep in front of the comp, and I'm probably feeling more abstract than one of Dali's own paintings right now.

Did promise you the links though:

Maarten Schenk was the one to get the Instalaunche poured over his blog, note that he had the translation up of a Belgian newsarticle (a subject to get more detailed into: it's hard enough as it is linking to Belgian news stories, engulfed as we are in press coverage on the Belgian web, and the news of Flahaut flaunting again probably won't get much mainstream media attention. Translating excerpts is probably the way to go over here), and Former Belgian sounded rather mad about the whole stage drama.

And if he wasn't, I am. I know this is old news already, but I couldn't let this blog go along without it. If only we could wake up and have something positive to tell the world for once, instead of being ridiculed over and over by some of the government's clowns (that 'pok' you heard wasn't me falling asleep on the comp again, forehead on keyboard, it's me chastising myself for our leader's sins).

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