I'd pour out some bubbles if I were him

Here he is again: Maarten Schenk, as far as I know the first Belgian blogger being Instashowered twice in less than a week. You go Maarten!

(Wonder if he's still thinking about a possible boys name ... .)

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You bet! Being at the receiving end of an InstaLink twice within a few days... well, I must say I never thought Glenn was going to do it. I might even have a shot at getting blogdexed too... Right now I have four inbound links, but we'll see...

Gepost door: Maarten Schenk | 03-02-04

Well, cheers! Just keep up the good work!

Gepost door: Flint | 04-02-04

Hattrick! Just got Instalanched again! That makes three... whoopee!

Gepost door: Maarten Schenk | 05-02-04

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