Belgian justice on trial with Dutroux

The first investigating magistrate was dismissed after having supper with one of the victim's families.

Hence "The Spaghetti Affair" was born, one of many surreal, almost unbelievable details in an eight year long road to a process that shocked this little country.

The whole child abuse dossier consists of 166 boxes, containing 400.000 pages (that's five zeros you see there), now copied onto  three DVD's, reducing the Iraq dossier and the Hutton Report to mere midgets.

In just about six hours and 15 minutes Belgium's already most guilty person will be driven to court to stand on trial, together with his accomplices.

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WSJ The Wall Street Journal had some interesting articles about the Dutroux case back in 1996.

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Read all about it! Read all about it! On my little log.
GDB le mal aimé

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Thanks for your excerpt Luc, very interesting.

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