What was that password again?

Ahum .. where was I? Oh yes, I used to have this blog ... .

Hey, if this blogger can, why can't I? I'll be straight with you: due to an overload on the professional side of life, I'm having a really hard time to update this blog on a regular basis, and to be completely honest, the thought did pass my mind to let it slip.
Since my first strolls in the Blogosphere my views on the succes of it have changed dozens of times. I think David Bernstein is right when he says

Those of us in touch with the blogging world seem to sometimes forget that most people, at least most people over age 25, never look at blogs, and often don't know what they are.

Bloggers tend to know this but don't often admit to it, for obvious reasons.

Anyway, I've taken the decision to go along with it anyhow. There still is the urge to write about things (or/and to go flat on my face ..), and this medium still attracts me, which is more than can be said for newsgroups or fora. The latter are like pubs where everyone is crying higher than the other one, and the Blogosphere is more of a free podium for everyone. You don't like it? You don't see it. Automatically makes for less one-liner spamming.

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