Iraq: present situation and things to look out for

Very  to-the-point and interesting article by Claude Moniquet (see also here) over at Hayek Institute:

(...) Because of the reach and the extreme branching out of these networks, Abu Mussab Al-Zarqawi is certainly a man capable of "bringing the war into the enemy's camp". However, next to the United States and Great Britain, at present time nine other countries participate in the Coalition: Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Thailand and Ukraine. These countries are targets just as "legitimate" for the Islamique terrorism as they are for Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's cells. [article in French, translation mine]

Go here to translate words in French, or here for Google's translation of the whole article (if you still don't understand what Moniquet is saying, you will at least have had a good laugh).

Moniquet starts off with explaining why the Iraqi terrorism looks big, but really isn't, and why "it contains the germs of its own failure" in itself. You should be speeding off to his article already. After all, it's also about a race . . .  .

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