Blog wash now, you patient

Very good morning to you! I been working on blogroll and other stuff of blog like colours and so on. Very tired now. You notice, new blogs added, very funny ones as well, me reading lots and lots of stuff, haha funny, look:

Of course not, comrades. Aside from using wrong data, graphs cannot lie.

But they can tell larger truth, da? Look at this graph. Is very famous. Is all over internet. Good Party Comrades love this graph, put it on backpacks and everything.

You go read whole thing, as tovaritch himself is said, you see two cards with intresting lies .. lines sorry .. on them.

Me thinks communist blogger very smart, use simple words so straight-understanding. Better than put time in difficult English translation and always have to go look things up in Dictionary.com ... much much less work. Me also start same style of writing ... haaaaah ... every one understand then finally.

You let me now changes to blog ok or bad, ok?

Update (in plain English again ..): the Commissar now has a link up to these charts:

(...) On this evidence I think it is reasonable to say that the casualty rate among coalition forces in Iraq has decreased more than 30 percent in recent weeks.
[see "Hostile Fire Dead and Wounded"--ed.]

Aaah, the virtues of Excel graphs.

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Politburo Diktat Thanks for the link.

Very nice blog you have here.

Gepost door: The Commissar | 07-03-04

My pleasure Commissar, your blog is very nice as well, glad to have discovered it.

Gepost door: Flint | 07-03-04

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