Via Secular Blasphemy, this cartoon ... how images can sometimes say more than words:

The image by cartoonist Forges is posted on the frontpage of Spanish newpaper El Pais, where you can find this article (if you want the original one, see top of the page):

The terrorists do not look for to convince, not even to overcome, but to demonstrate that they can make much damage; and the more weak they are, the more they will try to concentrate that damage in acts without limits of cruelty and badness.

People should reflect more on this: when you put a cat in a bag, it'll fight harder to get out of it and you'll get your hands scratched. Also note the title of the article: "11-M" ... how many more ...?

The longer the fight against terrorists, the bigger the possibility they will see no limits in using whatever means provided to them to reach their goal:

Under the leadership of the OSCE, the first part of the conference today was addressing current and emerging threats, with two working sessions focusing on the threat posed to civil aviation by Man-Portable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS) and on the need to break the nexus between terrorism and organized crime.

CNN has 'breaking news' now: apparently a tape with Koranic verses is found in a suspicious van.

London-based newspaper Al-Quds is now saying the attack is claimed by Al-Qaeda.

Update2: (via HispaLibertas) Spanish newspaper El Mundo (in English) has a special page up.

[Note (14th March 0:03AM): due to my ftp-site being off line, some pictures like the one in this post are not viewable, please follow the link to El Pais, the pic is on their front page.
In the meantime, my apologies to The Command Post for deeplinking the pic in the next post.]

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