Madrid bombings

All my sympathy to the friends and families of the victims of yet another barbarian attack.

I'm trying to understand as much as I can while watching Spanish television channel TVE now, and it's devastating. They've been airing updates all the time, but just now there was an older program containing interviews with family members of one of ETA's victims.

Without wanting to slide into amateur journalism or something, and keeping an eye on the major newschannels, I get the impression there still doesn't seem to be 100% certainty about the bombings being executed by ETA (the bloggers that Instapundit is referring to have different opinions as well).
Just for the sake of argument mind you. After all, setting off 13 TNT-stuffed-backpacks (of which 3 didn't go off it seems) at the same time on 4 different locations, in a time when Europe should be watching terrorism around the clock, isn't a small achievement (although a terrorism expert interviewed on BBC a few minutes ago said he didn't think of this as a very intelligent attack, he also said there just wasn't enough to go on to really confirm that this was ETA).

Start with Instapundit and go from there on, and The Command Post is trying to keep up as well. Secular Blasphemy seems to be off line already.

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