Madrid bombings actually failed

More details on Thursday's bombings, in an article that points out some technical issues of the attacks:

Titadine is already an ETA "hallmark". The clandestine organisation stole a quantity of around 8,000 kilograms of the explosive from a factory in Brittany, France, back in 1999. But there's no record of ETA ever having used it in previous attacks in a mixture with nitroglycerine.

More evidence pointing towards an Arab link? Seems like it:

However, experts are pointing out that some of ETA's large collection of French "loot" has already made its way to the Middle East. If so, that means there's a distinct possibility it could have found its way back to Spain, only this time in the hands of an Arab organisation.

The "loot", which the Dutch article says consisted of some 20.000 timers, apparently contained more than that according to a 2001 Guardian article:

Eta, reportedly concerned that it could no longer store the ageing Titadine safely, replenished its explosive supplies with a second raid in France in March this year. [2001]

The raid was carried out at an explosives warehouse near Grenoble by eight masked gunmen who stole 1.6 tonnes of dynamite and 20,000 detonators.

So, these 1,6 tonnes were obtained on top of the 8 tons which ETA seems to have sold to some Arab terrorists. From the same Guardian article:

The Spanish news magazine Tiempo, in a separate report, quoted unnamed French police sources as confirming that a deal had been struck between Hamas and Eta at a meeting last September [1999] in northern Italy.
That deal, police said, saw Eta sell a stock of Titadine dynamite, stolen from a French factory by a commando unit made up of members of Eta and the Breton Revolutionary Army (BRA), for small arms and money. The explosives apparently came from a haul of eight tonnes of dynamite stolen from a Titadine factory in Plevin, Brittany, in September 1999.

Recap: in September 1999, ETA purportedly steals about eight tons of explosives. It sells them to Hamas in the same month. To replenish their own kitchen cupboards about seven months later, ETA again steals some explosive material, 20.000 timers included. Where did the timers go? According to the Dutch article: to the Arabs, and back again to Spain (making a short stop to have tea with some Tsetsjen rebels [(25th July 2004) Correction: Chechen rebels], but that's only a personal view). Vicious circles indeed, in both meanings of the word ... .

At the end of the Dutch article:

A delay saves lives
One thing which is already clear is that something as simple as a two-minute delay on the railways actually saved Madrid from an even greater catastrophe. The Spanish police have said that the terrorists' real intention was to blow up a number of trains simultaneously inside Madrid's Atocha station. If they'd succeeded, the death toll could easily have reached 1,000 or more.

Who said anything about the attack not being "that intelligent" ... ?

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