Spain: 3 Morrocans, 2 Hindus arrested

Spanish newspaper El Mundo now has an article up in which it says three Morrocans and two Hindus are arrested.

Also, according to Belgian state television, a Spanish commercial radio network says Spanish Intelligence is already convinced Islamic terrorism is to be blamed.

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Too early Damn those Spanish secret services and the nosy press. Aznar wanted that info out only one hour after the closing of the polls stations of next sunday's election! It would be so nice the ETA "did it". Those 200 victims would at least have served a usefull goal, confirm Aznars party and erradicate the ETA.

Gepost door: VH | 13-03-04

Maybe --it wouldn't even have been a bad political move, at least initially, for a few days-- but sit it out for an extended period in time, or at least until the Sunday elections? With the risk of loosing a large portion of your voters when things do get out? Hmmm .. . Too "Area51" for me.

Anyway, I doubt twelve million people were screaming "Assholes!", just because their government spinned something to its advantage --and everyone agreed that this 'something' did get the highest odds from the beginning. Let's hope they remember that things do get spinned now and again, ánd who they were screaming at ... . Goes for all Europeans, as of now.

We would be better off directing our sarcasm towards the fr**ging b***ards who know far too well how to make use of a working cellphone . . . .

Gepost door: Flint | 14-03-04

hold on a sec VH If, and we're supposing here, the PP loses todays elections in Spain, will the people going around clamoring "who benefits from the bombs?" remain consistent and finger the Socialist Party as likely culprits since it made them win the election?

Check the headline on the PVDA site:

Aanslagen in Madrid • Is 11 maart = 11 september? Wie wordt beter van deze misdaad?

Is that going to remain there if the Socialist win the elections?

Gepost door: dof | 14-03-04

@DoF: Apparently yes.

Gepost door: Flint | 14-03-04

So what? Are they lazy or stupid, or are they now accusing the socialist of planting the bombs?

Gepost door: dof | 15-03-04

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