We Were All On That Train

"I am looking for my wife," Colombian Carlos Alberto Rendon told Reuters news agency at the main Madrid hospital. "I don't know anything, I can't find her anywhere and she isn't on any of the lists."

One of many tragic stories that I can't read or hear without choking a little bit each time. I've said it before, but in times like these, it's often the images that show more than words can tell:

Picture via Michele, who can take about just as much as I can of this horror (see her previous post). A few minutes ago, Spanish TV-network TVE was showing a helicopter view of the endless rows of people gathering together on their bloodstained streets. At a certain moment, the images were accompanied with a beatiful but somber piece of classical music. I've reached my limit for today.

For those of you who want to send flowers to the Spanish Embassy in Belgium or show support in whatever other way, they are located here (I don't think there's a link available):

Spanish Embassy

Wetenschapstraat 19
B-1040 Brussel/Bruxelles
Tel. (+)(32)(2) 230 03 40
Fax. (+)(32)(2) 230 61 04

Just one last thing though: we've seen 9/11, we've seen Bali, we've seen Madrid, we've seen the ones before those and the ones in between. Before the start of GWII, we saw the so-called "masses", the "huge crowds", the "millions across the world protesting" ... . Unrelated? Because it's not sure yet that this was an attack by Islamic negationists? Because the people of Spain were "already" suffering attacks from ETA? Because it's not about WMD? How twisted can you get?

So here's my question to the protestors of last year: where are you now? What does it take to make you see that terrorism isn't against Uncle Sam or "the West", but against anything that stands in its way? How many more friends and relatives in utter despair, roaming the streets in search for their loved ones, do you want to see? How long do you want them, the lists of people who's life was cut short in a most useless way?

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twelveone.org I think that regardless of if the tragedy that happened yesterday in Spain was to happen here or abroad I would feel as much sorrow. Yes its more personal when it happens on your 'own turf' and considering I am a New Yorker I know how it feels to be right up close and personal with something to this magnitude but I still think that I feel the same kind of sorrow for those whos lives were lost yesterday as I did on 9/11. The people lost in the WTC did nothing wrong but show up for work and seems to me the only mistake those in Madrid did was board a train most headed to work as well. So tragic, so sad and the unfortunate thing is as long as there are people in this world there will be those who feel they are on some kind of evil mission to kill innocent people.

(p/s came here thru asmallvictory.net). Take care.

Gepost door: Ro | 13-03-04

Those who would plan attacks like this deserve no mercy. They don't deserve to be called human or even animals. If there is such a thing as a soul, they have lost theirs. They are nothing more than a disease that must be eradicated.

Gepost door: Kathy K | 13-03-04

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