Red Bull good for posts, bad for titles

Just got home from travelling around most of the country for about 14 long working hours, which results in your humble servant turning towards the famous small-and-great-subjects-all-alike-next-to-little-stars-style. One advantage thereof: neither you, nor me know where these are taking us. Here goes nothing.

* Just so you'd know: spring is in the air, at least for today ánd the next 12 hours --sorry, I do live in Belgium, you know: rain, mist, kind of like Scotland but with about three more weeks of summer ... . I almost fainted after being exposed to powerful sunbeams for about half an hour (the writing of completely useless paragraphs like this one is most probably a consequence of my brain being affected by them as well; again, please bare with me).

* Thanks much to the people of CNE, the Centre for the New Europe for the evening I referred to in the previous post, and a big thank you to Cécile Philipe for putting up with us and feeding us with pizzas and beer. Another big thank you to Brian himself for trying to make us all smarter people. I'm not going to write a scription about it, for a variety of reasons. First, Mr. Micklethwait is too much a speaker to do that and I really am too humble towards this much experience in Libertarian thinking. Second: Mr. Micklethwait is one of those people that, as I like to call it, "tickle your brain". Jumping from one subject to another, they make you think where to go with the information they give you. It makes you think and it's kind of a playful way of explaining things, but you do encounter a lot of subjects as they go along. Third: five hours ago I poured one of these Red Bull things into my internal organs, which helps to keep one (too) awake but still hasn't given me wings to make my words fly.

I'll get you on the road though: Libertarians "shrug" when people ask them about art and their position towards the subject. Collectivists want the State to put as much funding into it as they can, after which you can hear them say "See what state funding can do to the world?". Just goes to show ideologies really can be about selling stuff to people. Or in some cases almost certainly are --the word "propaganda" comes to mind. Terrance Coyle puts it nicely and says Libertarians should try and:

(...) capture the cultural ground from the statists

If Libertarians want to convince people that a Liberal stance is better for them, they too should start talking about the art they like, and I can agree with what Brian is saying. One example? Here's a man who has complete collections of old matchbooks, a desk full of postcards, staples of fiftys, sixties and seventies culture. He loves to talk about it all, and when he writes about them, I almost get engulfed with this "Joy-de-vivre", this "Ode to life". Others may call it "a warm fuzzy feeling", whatever. A matchbook? Not art? No "highly spiritual meaning"? Maybe not, but what about architecture? And yes, he is tearing some of it down completely with the hammer of humor, or irony, call it what you will, but all in a loving kind of way which views the things created by man (and on a further note, by industry, ...) as ... well ... fantastic. We love talking about design and often spend a great deal of money on it. I thought most of us would agree that at least some of it can be considered to be "art" (there should be a note in front of this paragraph that says "Warning! The definition of the word "art" is not defined in this paragraph. Please check if yours is and whether it is justifiable").
That's what you'll have to do it with for now. Our beloved speaker talked about a whole lot of other issues, but it would take me too far to write them all down. If I succeeded in explaining to you why and how Libertarians should talk about art, you should be able to understand why the movie Splash can be something to admire. There. On to the next little star!

* Just as many other bloggers, I too am still stuck with the bowing-deep-for-terrorism-move the Spanish people presented to us on Sunday.

The People Have Spoken. The Bastards.

Indeed. This is a little hopefull though (via DoF):

"They've even called him a killer when he's done more than anyone to fight terrorists. In his eight years in power, more terrorists than ever have been arrested. It's very sad. I hope we can sort it out in four years."

Hope is about all we've got for the moment. London, Paris, Brussels, Strassbourg or any other city in a country that joins the list of most ardent enemies of Islam, is marked as a big red dot on the map already. The qualifications a country has to present to be listed between "the ardent", seem to aim at a fairly big amount of members ... .

* It was nice to meet a fellow blogger over at the CNE's event. Isn't it time for a regional Blogbash? Define "regional" to your own liking.

* What's with this Titadine thing? It's about all I see coming in in my stats. Is everybody Googling themselves crazy to try and make a bomb? I realize I put a post up a few days ago where the word appears, but sjeesj ... . Fine: here you go: Goma 2 ECO Titadine Goma II ECO Titadyne Goma ii ECO Tytadine Goma 2 Eko Tytadyne. Up with the stats! Be careful and don't lose your fingers. Or good luck with the investigative journalism career, whatever. Check this one out as well.

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