In dying need of earplugs

Lesson to remember: do not keep to "known routines" when trying to avoid helicopter gunships. For extra comfort, bring earplugs in case overhead F-16 jets try to pop your eardrums. Ask Allah to disable "lock on"-feature on Apaches.

One question: what ... the .. hell ... is all ... the ... fuss ... about? Via Chuck Simmins:

 Date LocationCasualitiesResponsibiltyNotes
14March2004Ashdod10 killed, 16 woundedHamas and Fatah Al Aqsa Martyrs' BrigadesTwin suicide bombings at port
22February2004Jerusalem8 killed, over 60 woundedFatah Al Aqsa Martyrs' BrigadesSuicide bombing on bus
29January2004Jerusalem10 killed, 50 woundedFatah al-Aksa Martyrs BrigadeSuicide bombing on bus
4October2003Haifa19 killed, 60 woundedIslamic JihadSuicide bombing in restaurant owned by Jews and Arabs
9September2003Tel Aviv8 killed, 32 woundedHamasSuicide bombing at a hitchhiking post for soldiers
9September2003Jerusalem7 killed, 50 woundedHamasSuicide bombing at Cafe Hillel
19August2003Jerusalem22 killed, 135 woundedHamasSuicide bombing on a bus.
5January2003Tel Aviv23 killed, 108 injuredFatah al-Aksa Martyrs BrigadeTwo suicide bombers in an immigrant neighborhood
5June2002Megiddo17 killed, 38 injuredIslamic JihadCar bomb next to bus
27May2002Petah Tikvah2 killed, 37 injuredFatah al-Aksa Martyrs BrigadeSuicide bomb in shopping mall
22May2002Rishon Lezion2 killed, 40 wounded Suicide bomb on pedestrian mall
19May2002Netanya3 killed, 59 injuredHamas and the PFLPSuicide bomb in market
7May2002Rishon Lezion16 killed, 55 injuredHamasSuicide bomb in pool hall
12Apr2002Jerusalem6 killed, 104 injuredFatah al-Aksa Martyrs BrigadeSuicide bomb in Mahane Yehuda market
10Apr2002Kibbutz Yagur8 killed, 22 injuredHamasSuicide bombing on bus
31March2002Haifa14 Killed, 40 WoundedHamasSuicide bombing at restaurant
29March2002Jerusalem2 killed, 28 WoundedFatah al-Aksa Martyrs BrigadeSuicide bombing at supermarket in Kiryat Yovel
27March2002Netanya22 killed, 140 WoundedHamasSuicide bombing at Passover seder at Park Hotel
21March2002Jerusalem3 killed, 86 WoundedFatah al-Aksa Martyrs BrigadeSuicide bombing downtown
20March2002Afula7 killed, 30 woundedFatah al-Aksa Martyrs BrigadeSuicide bombing on bus
14March2002Karni-Netzarim road3 Killed, 2 WoundedFatah al-Aksa Martyrs BrigadeRemote Control Mine
12March2002near Kibbutz Matzuva6 Killed, 7 WoundedFatah al-Aksa Martyrs BrigadeGunmen Ambush Vehicles
12March2002Kiryat Sefer checkpoint1 Killed, 1 Wounded Shooting Attack
11March2002Ashdod1 Wounded Gunman Opens Fire at Bar Mitzvah
10March2002Netzarim1 KilledFatah al-Aksa Martyrs BrigadeShooting Attack
9March2002Jerusalem11 Killed, 54 WoundedHamasSuicide Bomber at Cafe
9March2002Netanya2 Killed, 50 WoundedFatah al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade2 Gunmen Open Fire on a Promenade
7March2002Atzmona5 Killed, 23 Wounded Terrorist Opens Fire and Throws Grenades
7March2002Ariel>6 Wounded Suicide Bomber in Hotel Lobby
5March2002Sderot1 Baby Wounded Kassam Rocket
5March2002Afula1 Killed, 10 Wounded Suicide Bomber on Bus
5March2002Tel Aviv3 Killed, >35 Wounded Gunman Opens Fire at Restaurants
5March2002outside Bethlehem1 Killed, 1 Wounded Gunman Ambushes Vehicle
2March2002Jerusalem10 Killed, >50 WoundedFatah Al-Aksa Martyrs BrigadeSuicide Bomber outside Synagogue
27February2002West Bank3 WoundedFatahFemale Suicide Bomber
25February2002Jerusalem1 Killed, 8 WoundedFatah Al-Aksa Martyrs BrigadeGunman Opens Fire at a Bus Stop
25February2002Gush Etzion1 Killed, 1 Pregnant Woman WoundedFatah Al-Aksa Martyrs BrigadeGunmen Open Fire on a Car
22February2002Efrat1 Wounded Suicide Bomber in Supermarket
22February2002North of Jerusalem1 KilledFatahDrive-by Shooting
19February2002En Arik6 Killed, 1 WoundedFatah Al-Aksa Martyrs BrigadeGunmen Open Fire at Soldiers
18February2002Gush Katif3 Killed, 4 WoundedFatah Al-Aksa Martyrs BrigadeGunfire and Bombs at Cars
18February2002near Jerusalem1 Killed, 1 InjuredFatah Al-Aksa Martyrs BrigadeCar Bomb
16February2002Karnei Shomron2 Killed, 27 WoundedPopular Front for the Liberation of PalestineSuicide Bomber at Crowded Shopping Mall
14February2002Gaza3 Killed, 4 Wounded Mine Placed Under Tank
10February2002Be'er Sheva2 Killed, 4 WoundedHamasDrive-by Shooting
8February2002Jerusalem1 Killed 4 Teenagers with Knives
6February2002Moshav Hamra2 Killed, 5 WoundedHamasGunmen Infiltrates Moshav
30January2002Taiba2 WoundedFatahSuicide Bomber
27January2002Jerusalem1 Killed, >150 WoundedFatahFemale Suicide Bomber
25January2002Tel Aviv24 WoundedIslamic JihadSuicide Bomber at Crowded Pedestrian Shopping Mall
22January2002Jerusalem2 Killed, 40 WoundedFatah Al-Aksa Martyrs BrigadeGuman Opens Fire on Crowd
17January2002Hadera6 Killed, 35 WoundedFatah Al-Aksa Martyrs BrigadeGunman Opens Fire at Bat Mitzvah Celebration
15January2002Beit Jala1 KilledFatah Al-Aksa Martyrs BrigadeAmerican Kidnapped and Murdered
9January2002Kerem Shalom4 Killed, 2 WoundedHamasGunfire and Expolsives
12December2001Emmanuel10 Killed, 30 WoundedFatah & HamasBomb and Gunfire Attack on Bus
9December2001Haifa31 Wounded Suicide Bomber
2December2001Haifa15 Killed, 46 WoundedHamasSuicide Bomber on Bus
1December2001Jerusalem10 Killed, >188 WoundedHamas2 Suicide Bombers and a Car Bomb in a Pedestrian Mall
29November2001near Hadera3 Killed, 9 WoundedIslamic Jihad & FatahSuicide Bomber on Bus
27November,2001Afula2 Killed, Dozens WoundedIslamic Jihad & Fatah Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade2 Gunmen Opened Fire on Crowd near the Central Bus Station
27November,2001Gush Katif1 Killed, 3 WoundedHamasGrenades and Gunfire
26November2001Erez Checkpoint2 WoundedHamasSuicide Bomber
24November2001Kfar Darom1 KilledHamasMorter Shell Landed on a Soccer Field
4November2001Jerusalem2 Killed, >50 WoundedIslamic JihadGunman
28October2001Hadera4 Killed, 40 Wounded Gunman
28October2001near Kibbutz Metzer1 KilledTanzimDrive-By Shooting
17October2001JerusalemIsraeli Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze'evi AssasinatedPopular Front for the Liberation of PalestineGunmen in Hotel
7October2001Beit She'an Valley1 Killed Suicide Bomber
4October2001Afula3 Killed, 16 Wounded Gunman Opens Fire on Crowd
1October2001JerusalemSeveral Wounded Car Bomb
9September2001Nahariya3 Killed, 90 WoundedHamas1st Israeli-Arab Suicide Bomber, at Train Station
9September2001West Bank2 Killed, 4 Wounded Gunmen
4September2001Jerusalem20 Wounded Suicide Bomber disguised as Orthodox Jew
3September2001Jerusalem3 Wounded Series of Car Bombs
12August2001Kiryat Motzkin21 WoundedIslamic JihadSuicide Bomber at Cafe
9August2001Jerusalem15 Killed, >130 WoundedIslamic Jihad & HamasSuicide Bomber at Pizzaria
16July2001Binyamina2 Killed, 11 WoundedIslamic JihadSuicide Bomber at Bus Stop
22June2001Dugit2 KilledHamasSuicide Bomber
1June2001Tel Aviv21 Killed, 120 WoundedHamasSuicide Bomber at Disco
30May2001Netanya8 WoundedIslamic JihadCar Bomb outside School
27May2001Jerusalem30 WoundedPopular Front for the Liberation of Palestine & Islamic Jihad2 Car Bombs
25May2001Hadera65 WoundedIslamic JihadCar Bomb
18May2001Netanya5 Killed, >100 WoundedHamasSuicide Bomber at Mall
9May2001Tekoa2 KilledIslamic JihadTwo 14 year-old Boys Beaten and Stoned to Death, found dismembered in a Cave
23April2001Or Yehuda8 WoundedIslamic JihadCar Bomb in Outdoor Market
22April2001Kfar Saba1 Killed, 60 WoundedHamasSuicide Bomber at Bus Stop
28March2001near Kfar Saba2 Killed, 4 WoundedHamasSuicide Bomber at School Bus Stop
27March2001Jerusalem7 WoundedIslamic JihadCar Bomb
27March2001Jerusalem28 WoundedHamasSuicide Bomber
26March2001Hevron10-Month Old Infant Shalhevet Pass Killed Sniper from Abu Sneineh
4March2001Netanya3 Killed, >65 WoundedHamasSuicide Bomber
14February2001Azor8 Killed, 21 WoundedHamasBus Driver Plows into Crowd
23January2001Tulkarem2 KilledHamasGunmen Kidnap and Shoot 2 Israelis
1January2001Netanya>50 WoundedHamasCar Bomb
22December2000Jordan Valley>3 WoundedHamasSuicide Bomber
22November2000Hadera2 Killed, 55 WoundedIslamic JihadCar Bomb next to Bus
20November2000Kfar Darom2 Killed, 9 Wounded School Bus Bombed
2November2000Jerusalem2 Killed, 10 WoundedIslamic JihadCar Bomb in outdoor Market
26October2000Gaza1 WoundedIslamic JihadYouth Suicide Bomber on Bike
7November1999Netanya27 WoundedHamas3 Pipe Bombs
10August1999Nahshon Junction6 WoundedHamasCar Plows into Crowd (Twice)
6November1998Jerusalem2 Killed, 20 WoundedIslamic Jihad2 Suicide Bombers
29October1998Gush Katif1 Killed, 8 WoundedHamasSuicide Bomber Attacks School Bus
19October1998Be'er Sheva59 WoundedHamasGrenades Thrown at Central Bus Station
11October1998Hevron18 WoundedHamas2 Grenades Injure Palestinians and Israelis
27August1998Tel-Aviv14 WoundedHamasBomb In Dumpster
20August1998Tel RumeiydaRabbi KilledHamasFire Bomb & Stabbing
4September1997Jerusalem4 Killed, 181 WoundedHamas3 Suicide Bombers at Pedestrian Mall
30July1997Jerusalem15 Killed, 178 WoundedHamas2 Suicide Bombers at Outdoor Market
21March1997Tel-Aviv3 Killed, 48 WoundedHamasBomb at Restaurant
4March1996Tel Aviv20 Killed, 75 WoundedIslamic JihadSuicide Bomber at Mall
3March1996Jerusalem19 Killed, 6 WoundedHamasSuicide Bomber on Bus
25February1996Ashkelon2 KilledHamasSuicide Bomber at Bus Stop
25February1996Jerusalem26 Killed, 80 WoundedHamas2 Suicide Bombers on Bus
24July1995Ramat Gan6 Killed, 31 WoundedHamasSuicide Bomber on Bus
25June1995Neve Dekalim3 WoundedIslamic JihadExplosives-ladden Cart
9April1995Gaza8 Killed, 50 WoundedHamas & Islamic Jihad2 Suicide Bombers
22January1995Beit Lid Junction21 Killed, 69 WoundedIslamic Jihad2 Suicide Bombers at Bus Stop
25December1994Jerusalem13 WoundedHamasSuicide Bomber at Bus Stop
11November1994Netzarim Junction3 Killed, 6 WoundedIslamic JihadSuicide Bomber on Bike
19October1994Tel Aviv22 Killed, 56 WoundedHamasSuicide Bomber on Bus
9October1994Jerusalem2 Killed, 14 WoundedHamas2 Gunmen Open Fire
13April1994Hadera5 KilledHamasSuicide Bomber
6April1994Afula8 KilledHamasCar Bomb next to Bus

Go here for the more complete list(s), there's more material where that came from.

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Fine work... Great work from the Zionist propaganda machine. I'm still looking for a list of all the illegal settlements, and of course, of all the Palestinian innocents killed by Zionist state terrorism. But I'm affraid the Palestinians are too busy with mere survival to play on the Net. And by the way, the Hamas chief was killed, it serves him well. But what about the 5 innocent bystanders? Did they have a blog? Or should they embark in a Spanish train to be remembered?

Gepost door: VH | 23-03-04

what about Propaganda machine? those deaths are real, unlike the Jenin "thousands". And whenever Reuters mentions "Palestinians killed", they inflate the number with bombers that blow themselves up, or suspected collaborators.

I don't advocate gratuitous killing, but it is nauseating to see more outrage for the killing of a terrorist leader than his victims.

If the Palestinians really want to survive, they can always try a complete cessation of hostilities.

Gepost door: dof | 23-03-04

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