Wanted: European First Amendment, missing files etc.

Hans-Martin Tillack, the journalist whose arrest I wrote about in this post, has been released but sees his filecabinets emptied:

The Belgian police confiscated his materials as well as computers and phones, which are still in their hands.

Mr Tillack expects to go through the material with the Belgian police next week and has told the EUobserver he hopes to get some of his materials back at the meeting.

Terrance Coyle is updating as things go further amiss:

Serious stuff, the nub is that Tillack, the journo was a meticulous German, and had all his files on over 50 investigative stories confiscated. All his contact details were in those files. There are at least 12 Commission sources that will be uncovered by this (possibly) illegal action. Those sources will be punished, and thus the job of a journalist in Brussels goes from hard to nigh on impossible. If the Commission can confiscate journalist's files without evidence of illegality who is ever going to talk to a journo?

The Command Post has the subject in the crosshairs as well now.

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