Hurry up!

NASA is going to launch something very exciting! Live here! Thanks to Transterrestrial!

Update: " .. vehicle is in the water ... ", heh. As far as I can see (which wasn't actually very far in this case), things seem to have gone well. Most exciting television viewed since long.

I'll post something more on this later perhaps, I'm just going to let a pure 1.45 hour long thrill sink in for now!

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saw it Saw it on CNN. Yup, thrilling. Was surprised they had something like this up teir sleeve. Usually you get warned long beforehand when something is up (or when something doesn't go through), like the X-33.

Just curious, are you a Belgian or an American expat?

Keep up the good work, I check out your blog regularly.

Gepost door: Michael Cosyns | 28-03-04

Hi Michael, nice to see you here. I noticed you on a few other blogs and I saw you linking to me on one of the Iraqi blogs --can't remember which one. Thanks for the linkage by the way.

You saw the launch on CNN Europe? I was watching them --the left eye on the television now and then, the right one on the live stream-- and just noticed a short summary about the launch ... I really must have been hooked to that pixelated image.

Yes, I am a Belgian, a Flemish one to be more exact. I mention it here and there in between the lines, and as long as Blogmatrix was up there was a link on my blog to a blogmap you could find there. I was right in the middle of the line that connects Brussels to Gent.
I've been planning on posting a FAQ and/or a few pictures about me, but I really find it one of the hardest things to do (you can work around privacy, but where's the line between useful and useless?) . Should be coming up in the next months though.

Anyway, thanks for comming by and for the friendly words, take care!

Gepost door: Flint | 29-03-04

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