Ah, there it is

Found the password again ... "Hellloooo!!!" . . . . Just kidding: I was going to announce the closing of this blog for at least the remaining part of the summer (I know, technically summer hasn't started yet, but it has gotten a little warmer in this rainy country of ours, and that's when we think summer started ... ).

You want reasons? Fine: life & life.

The new job I commenced this year turned out a little different than expected and takes up more of my energy and time than I thought it would. And then there's the new house I have to search for as well. You know, little this and thats that make the world go round, I'm not going to bother you with a lengthy post about it, I'm sure you have much more interesting things to read.

Things will continue on a (very) low pitch though. I have read almost no blogs for the past six weeks, let alone kept myself up-to-date with things happening in my own country. This being a pro-War-Against-Terror-blog, it would have been interesting to follow the story about an Indian and a few Morrocans planning on bombing a tunnel under the city of Antwerp for example ... .

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