Needs more Abu Ghraib-pictures


Q: Why?
A: Because you're Western!

Some people just don't need any answers.

(Explanatory note): this blog runs on a low pitch, and at this moment I don't have too many words for these acts either. I'm just using this (b)log as a kind of diary; I want to look back at this in ten years.

A mixture of feelings in my stomach and words circling around in my head: horrifying, brutal, barbarism, bastards, middle-ages, enlightened culture, retards, knives, and then some. Rationale? Nope. Not at this moment.

Mr. Stærk? What I'm expecting is a real condemnation of these acts by Islam and by the Eastern region, whatever definitions and borders those two may carry, and real actions as proof for this condemnation. Every culture needs its enlightenment now and then.

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islam I'm not holding my breath. Have you seen the pics at Drudge Report?

I'll tell you that I have been reading all kinds of sites relating to the ME, Islam, Iraq... for over a year. And being a history buff, I already had above-average background on the matter. Today I've come to the conclusion that although I do believe in moderate Muslims, I lost any hope for something like a moderate Islam.

Take it easy with your blog. It's a hell of a task if you want to do it seriously. Plus you always wonder whether it's worth the trouble. But I must say you put great effort in both looks and content. Even if you feel compelled to work on low pitch, don't disappear completely; the politically correct side needs to be counterbalanced.

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