Saddam in court: Iranians want in too

Now Iran also wants to pitch in; they are wondering why their charges shouldn't be submitted:

The charges - to be submitted to the Iraqi court which is trying the ousted leader - include the 1980 attack on Iran and the use of chemical weapons.

Jay Tea over at Wizbangblog started a discussion on the possible legal issues that the Iraqi court will face when trying Saddam and his cronies. (Let's face it, the "Brussels Liberation Act" --see also Universal Jurisdiction Rejection Act-- wasn't a very good example of how international law can be applied. Let's just say it was more of a bad example of "diplomatic spielerei")

Here's where you can find BBC's Q&A for an overall view of the trial.

And better late than never: Happy Fourth of July to my American readers!

Additional: forgot these: HispaLibertas links to a column by Jude Wanniski, titled "Saddam Suddenly Looks Innocent; Memo to John Ashcroft":

I wonder if you have evidence that Saddam ordered the Iraqi state or local police to “torture and rape,” or might he also insist as Mr. Bush has that he was at the tippy top of the national government and if he had known what excesses were committed by local cops, he would have put a stop to it.

If you read the article you will soon get the impression Jude is having too many marbles running around upstairs --Wanniski is supposed to be a member of the right wing camp but uses a style that resembles almost like the Undymediagang, especially when he dishes the chemical attacks on the Kurds completely-- but he does have a few points. Food for thought.

Oh, and one extra for Independence Day: Newsmax has put up Ronald Reagan's 1981 speech.

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Official Recognition? Very interesting about Iran wanting to get in on the trial. Since the trial is to be held under the authority of the Iraqi government, it seems to me that in diplo-speak, the Iranian government is de facto recognizing the legitimacy of the Iraqi authorities.

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