FFFF: crispy spiffy features!

Flex Flint's Favourite Fun now comes with extra techy features.

You can now view some pictures --hopefully of some quality-- shot with the digital camera mentioned in the previous post. Feel free to comment on the photoblog as well! (Requires registration but the basic service is free, with a 10Mb storage limit).

Then there is the extra blogroll from Bloglines (in addition to the main one on the left). Basically it's just presenting the Bloglines RSS-feeds that are public. Note that these are very much subject to change; the Bloglines service really is userfriendly, so it makes it very easy to decide whether you want to be kept up-to-date about someone's blog.

Another feed I have added on the site is the "Published clippings"-feed that Bloglines provides. You can find the reason why I have put it up here. The Skynet blogsoftware seems to cough on the RSS-feed published on the bottom right of this site so the URL's are being replaced, but it's just fun to share each other's interests, and it helps me in deciding what the subjects of posts will be.

Future projects: hmmm, too bad TypePad isn't here yet in a completely free version. French ISP Neuf Telecom has launched a free version for its subscribers. Details can be found here on Loïc Le Meur's blog, one of the blogging gurus.
Dutch readers can find news about TypePad coming to Belgium or the Netherlands (TypePad.be and TypePad.nl next to TypePad.de?) on Maarten Schenk's TypePad development blog. (Hat tip to LVB, where you can also find an interview with Maarten about the launch).

This blog's future will greatly depend on how much time can be spent on posting, and/or how much time can be spent on developing or designing something. NucleusCMS looks nice enough for example, although most free CMS require server space, together with PHP, MySQL etc. And yes, complete independency is simply fun.

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