A medal for the Captain!

This is all over the Blogosphere by now, but in case you have not read this, please do. Very short excerpt:

When the shoe moves to the other foot, suddenly the Democrats switch from "Bring It On" to "We'll Sue You Into Silence," quite a difference in tone.

Looks like Kerry's medals, if existant at all, are being deep-sixed one by one. Thank God Edwards has some experience in suing people, maybe that's why he's there after all, or is it really just because he looks cute?

If you are wondering what the picture looks like in Europe: do not expect this kind of details to show up in the news, even the word "flipflop" will not ring a bell to very much people.

A few months after G.W.Bush was elected in 2000, you could hear all kinds of Belgian dino media pundits say "they were afraid they didn't know which direction this man was going to take them", or in people-speak: "this is a lunatic that'll push the red button for no reason at all". Only a few days ago, Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad twisted Bush's latest gaffe into a rather different  meaning. "My administration will do everything to harm our country and our people" was what they heard (h/t Luc over at LVB). Even the BBC got it right the first time.

The expression "Illegal Aliens" in a Simpsons-episode is being translated here into "illegal extraterrestrials" ... with voting rights of course. (It's the episode where Lisa is the President of the United States. Hey, being in your early thirties does not mean you can't watch a top cartoon now and then).

Belgian media had their own thoughts about Bush in 2000? To use a quote: "Shove it!", I'm having mine about Kerry in 2004. Thanks Captain for clarifying.

(You expected that link to be in the first paragraph didn't you? At least now you read first before clicking).

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Frankly, you would get puzzled why our media hates Bush so much. After all, this is a guy who bought the Vulcan's very sound analysis about democratization in the ME to dry up the jihadist pool, he freed 15 billion US$ to fight AIDS, he appointed black people not only for the Housing and Urban Development (Alphonso Jackson) and Education (Rod Paige, iirc) Ministries, but also the powerful posts of State Department and National Security.

Don't expect anything about it in our "media". Bah, whatever. Come November 2004 they WILL have to accept a second Bush term.

Early thirties huh? I'm almost leaving them (39 since Friday, August 6th). Luckily I always look ten years younger than my actual age (cough).

And it's "Véronique De Kock". Apart from the h**ters nothing special imho.

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To be perfectly honest, the moment when Kerry will be put in charge of fighting terrorism, that's when I'll get really scared.

Uhm ... a bit late, but Happy Birthday Michael!!!

Gepost door: Flint | 09-08-04

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