Possible WMD's found

We have waited a long time for this, but finally a new set of regulations has been announced to counter terrorism on Belgium's national airlines:

* Try not to fall asleep; always maintain a vigilant state of mind; keep your eyes peeled.

* Keep a close watch on children, make sure they do not engage in playing around with possible suspects' luggage.

* In case of small furry animals in vicinity, ánd crew having an abundant meal, encourage crew to shut cockpit doors.

What follows shows us how important it is to really keep these regulations in mind:

A "lot of coincidences", as the airline told BBC News Online, ended with the animal running wild in the cockpit and attacking the co-pilot.

There's no telling what might have happened if things had gotten further out of hand.

Sheesh ... said the cat. (h/t Kapingamarangi's blog)

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Bastard rich people According to the Beeb,
"One possible reason for the creature's sudden fit of fury may have been an unconfirmed report that it was "kicked by somebody in business class" on its way through the cabin, he added".

So it was nasty rich people's fault. Typical, nasty sucessful bastrads kick cats all the time, diddn't you know.

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