Jolly Europe! Hi-ho there!

Yesterday there was the cat on the plane, now, or better say three months ago, there is/was the plane itself that went on the run:

(Belga) About three months ago two French fighter planes intercepted an airline passenger jet from Spanish aircompany Air Europa. That's what RTBF reported on wednesday [yes, August 11th, 2004 that is], based on an article in Spanish newspaper El Pais. The incident took place on May 1st, the day of Europe's enlargement.

No less than three air-traffic controllers in Denmark, Germany and Holland had tried to contact the crew of the Air Europe Boeing 737, to no avail. The plain was on its way from Bergen in Norway to the Spanish [island] Palma De Mallorca. On board were 186 passengers. The alarm was raised because of fears for a suicide attack on Brussels or Paris. Six German, French and Dutch jetfighters tried to intercept the Boeing 737. Above Brussels the French fighters  eventually succeeded in making contact with the Spanish pilots. The two are being sued by the Netherlands on violations of air-traffic rules.

Translation is mine, as you may have noticed, my apologies if a few things are unclear. The original article in Dutch is here.

So, how come we haven't heard of this before? Three months ago!?! Is this because of things not passing the tests of the Editor-in-chief-of-this-is-more-important-news-than-that-other-bit, or just because "Classical media" were too afraid to air this on Eurup-cheer-up-day?! Is it a new procedure to air the news only about three months after it happened?

All right, rantmode [off]. Duh.

If anyone can find more on the Walloon (French-language) RTBF-site or the one from Spanish newspaper El Pais (subscription required), also mentioned in the article, don't hesitate to throw me a line or just chip away in the comments.

Thank you, my lawnmower is waiting for me outside, and he probably knows more about recent news than the media above mentioned. Captioncontests would be really fun at this moment, don't you think?

Noooh, about the plane!

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Possible WMD's found

We have waited a long time for this, but finally a new set of regulations has been announced to counter terrorism on Belgium's national airlines:

* Try not to fall asleep; always maintain a vigilant state of mind; keep your eyes peeled.

* Keep a close watch on children, make sure they do not engage in playing around with possible suspects' luggage.

* In case of small furry animals in vicinity, ánd crew having an abundant meal, encourage crew to shut cockpit doors.

What follows shows us how important it is to really keep these regulations in mind:

A "lot of coincidences", as the airline told BBC News Online, ended with the animal running wild in the cockpit and attacking the co-pilot.

There's no telling what might have happened if things had gotten further out of hand.

Sheesh ... said the cat. (h/t Kapingamarangi's blog)

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A medal for the Captain!

This is all over the Blogosphere by now, but in case you have not read this, please do. Very short excerpt:

When the shoe moves to the other foot, suddenly the Democrats switch from "Bring It On" to "We'll Sue You Into Silence," quite a difference in tone.

Looks like Kerry's medals, if existant at all, are being deep-sixed one by one. Thank God Edwards has some experience in suing people, maybe that's why he's there after all, or is it really just because he looks cute?

If you are wondering what the picture looks like in Europe: do not expect this kind of details to show up in the news, even the word "flipflop" will not ring a bell to very much people.

A few months after G.W.Bush was elected in 2000, you could hear all kinds of Belgian dino media pundits say "they were afraid they didn't know which direction this man was going to take them", or in people-speak: "this is a lunatic that'll push the red button for no reason at all". Only a few days ago, Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad twisted Bush's latest gaffe into a rather different  meaning. "My administration will do everything to harm our country and our people" was what they heard (h/t Luc over at LVB). Even the BBC got it right the first time.

The expression "Illegal Aliens" in a Simpsons-episode is being translated here into "illegal extraterrestrials" ... with voting rights of course. (It's the episode where Lisa is the President of the United States. Hey, being in your early thirties does not mean you can't watch a top cartoon now and then).

Belgian media had their own thoughts about Bush in 2000? To use a quote: "Shove it!", I'm having mine about Kerry in 2004. Thanks Captain for clarifying.

(You expected that link to be in the first paragraph didn't you? At least now you read first before clicking).

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FFFF: crispy spiffy features!

Flex Flint's Favourite Fun now comes with extra techy features.

You can now view some pictures --hopefully of some quality-- shot with the digital camera mentioned in the previous post. Feel free to comment on the photoblog as well! (Requires registration but the basic service is free, with a 10Mb storage limit).

Then there is the extra blogroll from Bloglines (in addition to the main one on the left). Basically it's just presenting the Bloglines RSS-feeds that are public. Note that these are very much subject to change; the Bloglines service really is userfriendly, so it makes it very easy to decide whether you want to be kept up-to-date about someone's blog.

Another feed I have added on the site is the "Published clippings"-feed that Bloglines provides. You can find the reason why I have put it up here. The Skynet blogsoftware seems to cough on the RSS-feed published on the bottom right of this site so the URL's are being replaced, but it's just fun to share each other's interests, and it helps me in deciding what the subjects of posts will be.

Future projects: hmmm, too bad TypePad isn't here yet in a completely free version. French ISP Neuf Telecom has launched a free version for its subscribers. Details can be found here on Loïc Le Meur's blog, one of the blogging gurus.
Dutch readers can find news about TypePad coming to Belgium or the Netherlands (TypePad.be and TypePad.nl next to TypePad.de?) on Maarten Schenk's TypePad development blog. (Hat tip to LVB, where you can also find an interview with Maarten about the launch).

This blog's future will greatly depend on how much time can be spent on posting, and/or how much time can be spent on developing or designing something. NucleusCMS looks nice enough for example, although most free CMS require server space, together with PHP, MySQL etc. And yes, complete independency is simply fun.

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