Sri Lanka in for tropical cyclone

Map here, textfile here. (Data are adapted but links disappear)

Go here and see under "Tropical Cyclone 01B Warning #...". The Sri Lankan Weather Forecast is here.

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Verrezen? Tiens jij bent terug in de lucht. Old heroes never die.

Gepost door: VH | 14-01-05

'lo... Never mind the oelewappers commenting in that heathen language.

That said, glad you're back! What took you so long? LVB has become LBV in the meantime.

Gepost door: Michael Cosyns | 15-01-05

@Hugo: thanks for the compliment ;). Keep up the good work on your sites btw, nice posts!
@Michael: thanks to you too. LVB has become LBV?! Not with you there.

Take care!

Gepost door: Flint | 15-01-05

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