Frankfurt, Munich, Rotterdam, Istanbul, Stockholm, US: smallpox contamination.

"If all we talk about are institutions when people are dying, they're gonna think we're crazy."

Quote of the day by Madeleine Albright in a staged exercise where different sections of the world (Europe and Northern America) are being contaminated with smallpox due to terrorist attacks.

According to BBC Newsnight, (see link for related program ánd .ram-file of this night's subjects), one of these exercices convinced George W. Bush to invest in the production of vaccinations for the complete population of the USA.

Recap of this exercise:

*Panic on the ground within the first few hours of the attacks.
*I believe they [the simulated crises-team] finally decided, after having had tea --France was in there as well you know-- to let the World Health Organization be responsible for one or two things (the UN wasn't available due to being occupied with "assessing" stuff ...).
*Too little, too few: some countries had enough vaccines, others could hardly cope.
*In a few weeks, millions of casualties.

Television thanks Auntie Beeb, as do I tonight.

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